It is one of the few times I have felt that what looked like a "smoke sorbet" has been very useful for my personal and professional life me. From the first time I have found specific applications very useful for daily life.

Mª Angeles García del Rio
Deputy director of School Center Orvalle, Madrid

It is an excellent course, it's worth doing because it gives you many tools to be happy at work and motivates you to undertake projects.

María Turiel
Headmaster of School Center Orvalle, Madrid

This course has been so interactive, we had a professional teacher and passionated with the issues that we worked. The dynamic was the caracteristic thing of the students, that let you to get such a deeply and palpable experience. The student´s respect it´s always the central point of the student and the teacher treat the better way possible the assistants. I think this conference becomes you face to your personality and thinking about news goals even a professionals as personals.

I recommend the course with professor Reyes Rite because is very rewarding and gives added value to achieve high efficiency in life.

Jean Philippe S.
Programme Manager, Indra.

It has helped me to think about my life goals . Now I know that if I want , I can . I know "I impose" my limitations. From now on I will have more confidence in myself and in my ability.

Asunción Diago
Coordinator of the Hispano-Ecuadorian Center, Alianza Foundation

I can not say more than the course I was excited. It has been interesting and above all very practical , with important key in achieving the goals that allow you to be the person you want to be.

Asunción Barbero
Professor of Chemistry , University of Valladolid.

This conference has given me confidence in myself and everyone around me . For my work I deal with many people and I have to provide support to people who trust me. I found that I assumed a responsibility that should not take this fills me with stress and neglect to my own health. I've felt after the conference happier, lighter and more eager to undertake more projects without fear of obstacles, failures. Is worth it!

Reyes want to thank your dedication, so all positive outlook , sense of humor that made those days very pleasant .

Lola Borge
President of the Alianza Foundation, Madrid.

I start a new phase of my professional life in the golden age, and I had the great fortune to meet a new way of understanding life and understand myself . I did´t know something called "couching" and has been a big surprise incorporate it into my daily life with the tools they have provided me. It is clear that life gives you more if you ask for more and you are open to open doors that the life provide us. Reyes thank for their great preparation and delivery and her ability to pass your knowledge.

Mi agradecimiento a Reyes por su gran preparación y por su entrega y su facilidad para transmitir sus conocimientos.

Mª Pilar Olmedo
Commercial and Business Advisory . President of FASE Foundation.

Really good the experience with few people, it easy among all take the confidence and knowledge in a short time. It is very positive that the conference show us different scenarios as a working situation or a familiar life, etc.

Help too much.


This course has allowed me to see the horizon and discover their own potential and the potential of other people. You can really change the world and people can be happy because they deserve to be happy. I experienced a real change in me that seemed impossible; I checked and learned that I am who I wanna be. Reyes, thank you very much for sharing your wisdom and experience and for do it really good your job.

Sara Feández
Aeronautical Engineer, CASA.

I learned a lot in the whole course because it opens up many horizons. All aspects of life , not just work. I have also learned much from the contribution of each team. I uploaded a lot my self-esteem and not surrender with the difficulties.

Ana Calvo González
Secretaria de Dirección de PBR.

When I started the course I had a week working as CEO of a group of economic-information business communications with extensive experience. In my previous jobs I had had problems with regard to management teams. These problems stemmed from the insistence of many of my bosses to subdue my teams to a high level of stress to get as many sales targets.

The completion of the course coincided with my move to a charge of general management. It was very clear that my leadership style wanted to focus on the motivation and the fluid and active communication with all the people I work. My surprise was when after the first few sessions, I discovered that what was being taught in the course was not a manual to guide teams, but it was a new vision of self-esteem, the uselessness of suffering, the potential of the smile and especially - the real and brutal ability of the person to take charge of their lives and manage their emotions .

To make the most of every creative person responsible for making their own proposals and decisions. Not the same deliver some unattainable goals and a sheet of authoritarian route to reach them, which make it the person itself that mark its roadmap based on their potential and personality to achieve them. It was very clear that ethically and morally I would not crush anybody. As I learned in the course, the best way to be good about yourself is to make your purpose match your values.

The skills and experience gained in the course allowed me to create a special harmony with my team. I felt that my leadership style based on kindness, transmission of trust and active listening enabled me to have authority in decision making even though the company does not have an organizational control. This authority was opposed to the mere power of the presidency based on fear. I understood perfectly the difference between the leader and pattern. Furthermore, the skills related to resilience, made me stand in the company and emerge stronger with experience and -above all- convey my team the need to manage their emotions and move above the psychological abuse that continually saw subject.

Angel Moreno
Director of Communications

I have many years of professional experience and this conference has helped me to see a different perspective my professional career and plantearme a change that seemed unattainable before . It has also helped me to grow in self-esteem and see that having your values ​​clear, with sufficient motivation anything is possible.

Blanca Badía Lugo
Audiovisual Documentary of Television de Galicia S.A.

Congratulations Reyes, never imagined that in such a short time could reach as many things as creating a feeling of great satisfaction.


From my point of view this is a course that improves not only as regards professional level, as well the personal. Expand the scope of information addressing this course to any collective professionals, regardless of their employment status ( managers, technicians,...); but also to anyone who wants to enhance and discover the inner wealth

The relevance of a course like this is, in my opinion, in which the benefit is not just personal (of the user) but I'm sure the positive impact on our environment, in my world!! As possibility : orient teachers , educators and all those working with children and young people who sometimes grow under pressure from their premises and adults reference. We need to educate in excellence!!!

Thank you Reyes, no just for your professional conference as well for your heart.

Noemí García Sanjuán
Therapist, Madrid.

They should do all people with management duties or coordination teams ; on another level, who they work in teams. They should do something about those who want to improve their personal development or face a career change. It provides keys to develop in all circumstances.

Carmen Rego Feández
Education Advisor, Madrid.

Clausura y entrega de premios del Programa Campus de la llusión -35

I Congreso Europeo de EFQM, Resiliencia y Coaching. Madrid - Octubre 2014.