Opened interventions


Short-face action in the Institute's headquarters, and experiential practices that facilitate awareness and reach more. Some of these group workouts are:

Introduction to Coaching

Tipes of Coaching.

  • Coach - Coachee
  • Action plan

We will practice coaching to know what it feels like to be a coach.

Introduction to Nonviolent Communication

Through some simple techniques you will discover how to reach the next level in your personal and professional relationships.

You will find that your environment will improve 120%.

Introduction to Kinemotion

Have you ever wondered why you always back hurts, your head ...?

We present some unique tools in Spain you will discover why these symptoms typically recur putting awareness and making it out of this vicious circle and transforming it into a virtuous circle.


Introduction to Advanced Negotiation

You have pending talks, which are leaving behind or below laziness to face them?

You feel fear and insecurity to what your partner will think?

Tools will equip you to face them safely discovering what is best for you and yours

Introduction to fears and limiting beliefs

Is it hard to believe in yourself?

How to identify what does not let me grow. Why I can hardly say no?

You can discover your beliefs and turn them into powerful Limitations.


Coaching by values

Know your five predominant values that will make you look and feel WHAT YOU ARE

Nutrition and healthy diet

Theoretical and practical introduction staff development plan


Loans support through coaching and mentoring to achieve personal and professional goals.

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