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Development tools for young Spaniards in the UK, France and Germany

We want to bring our experience also to those who are away. Thinking about young Spaniard who move to other countries in Europe, we offer free and on line all necessary steps to increase human potential and emotional health tools. We want to come out stronger from the difficult circumstances and to share their good experiences; that they are not aline when undertaking. The illusion Campus project is an initiative of -35 IRYDE, subsidezed by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security.  

Recipients: Spaniards under 35 who are in the UK, France and Germany.

For more information and registration, visit the project website -35. Do you know people in the UK, Germany and France? Tell also through Facebook.

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Laboratory R&D+i for creativity in the family

In FASE Foundation and the Institute for Resilience and Emotional Development (IRYDE) working to develop and put at the service of society, innovative projects that impact positively on family relationships, making them fun and deep at the same time.

Have fun and share with family.

Have fun and share with family.
Something that happens only occasionally?
A challenge that was postponed from Sunday to Sunday?


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Bureau VeritasBureau Veritas

The Bureau Veritas Foundation and Institute for Resilence and Emotional Development organized the First European Congress of EFQM , Resilience and Coaching.

A meeting point for sharing knowledge among excellent enterprises, quality coaching and coping with adversity. Two days to discover the intrinsic relationship between Quality Coaching to enhance resilience and talent in organizations.

Participating in this project Bureau Veritas , the first certification in Professional Coaching, and world leader in EFQM certification, the company EKADE Consultants Quality and Integrating Excellence, Strategic Consulting Development of human talent.

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Emprendehoy is a novel and practical training that aims PREPARE people with entrepreneurial initiative and concerns to successfully achieve their career goals simultaneously,  achieving greater development and personal enrichment.