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First European Congress of EFQM, Resilience and Coaching

Bureau VeritasBureau Veritas

The Bureau Veritas Foundation and Institute for Resilence and Emotional Development organized the First European Congress of EFQM , Resilience and Coaching.

A meeting point for sharing knowledge among excellent enterprises, quality coaching and coping with adversity. Two days to discover the intrinsic relationship between Quality Coaching to enhance resilience and talent in organizations.

Participating in this project Bureau Veritas , the first certification in Professional Coaching, and world leader in EFQM certification, the company EKADE Consultants Quality and Integrating Excellence, Strategic Consulting Development of human talent.

The Bureau Veritas Foundation and the Institute for Development and Emotional Resilience want to contribute to the awareness that the quality of work and healthy GO HAND IN HAND.

Search of Excellence, is committed to creating added a favorable climate in interpersonal relationships, preventing risks in the emotional health of people and has a positive economic impact on the company.

With this in mind, we have promoted the celebration of the First European Congress of EFQM, Resilience and Coaching.


A Congress that help to interconnect


  • The model of organizational management in pursuit of excellence,¬†EFQM, in which communication and interpersonal relations have an important role.
  • Accompanying persons and entities in achieving objectives and the development of skills, professional Coaching.¬†
  • And the development of resilience to manage adversity and emerge stronger from it, to personal and organizational level.
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  • With the launch of the first Observatory of Quality and Coaching IRYDE
  • With the push for Certification of Professional Coaching Services


  • Report about the EFQM¬†and its usefulness for improving management and competitiveness in organitazions
  • Convey the beneficial application of coaching in the development of the model EFQM¬†
  • Present Certification Coaching Professional Services
  • Awareness of the importance of personal and organizational resilience to risk prevention in health, work performance and developing talent in organizations.
  • Commissioning of the first Quality Monitoring and Coaching

Date and venue


  • Organizations interested in applying EFQM.¬†
  • Coaches interested in enhancing their professional services and improved its mark on the business and organizational level.

Speakers , Speakers and participants at the round table

  • D. Ubaldo Cuesta,¬†professor at the Complutense University of Madrid in Resilience and work in companies, expert in Neuroscience
  • D. Lago Santalla,¬†coach authored several books with a high quality professional activity .

Participate and collaborate

Fundación Bureau VeritasIntegrando Excelencia Club Excelencia en Gestión enCoach


I Congreso Europeo de EFQM, Resiliencia y Coaching