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Family Creative Workshop sponsored by FASE

Laboratory R&D+i for creativity in the family

In FASE Foundation and the Institute for Resilience and Emotional Development (IRYDE) working to develop and put at the service of society, innovative projects that impact positively on family relationships, making them fun and deep at the same time.

Have fun and share with family.

Have fun and share with family.
Something that happens only occasionally?
A challenge that was postponed from Sunday to Sunday?


Laboratory R & D + i (Research, Development and Innovation for the family) is an initiative we want to achieve innovative and effective ways to facilitate and grow harmony and creativity in these vital relationships. For that, we need everyone's help and participation will be encouraged in this project.

For starters, the Foundation Phase subsidizes three exciting and innovative activities for the whole family and a fourth one for 14- to 22 years.

The first 20 families who enroll will participate for free.

As part of our philosophy WIN WIN, we ask them to contribute their experiences, suggestions for improvement and other proposals, to facilitate and enrich the work of this laboratory . In the Youth Training will be selected in order of registration and the request for help will be similar to that requested for families.

The workshop will take place at:

C / Rios Rosas 44, 1 28003 , (Madrid )

You have all the information and registration forms here